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Updated:  29 January 2001

These pages are part of an ongoing search for Scherr and Scherer family connections, as well
as other items of family interest.
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Descendants of John Jacob Scherr
Becker, Bonemann, Buckeujetz,  Escott, Gesch, Gesina, Hatch, Kochenhausen, Leinbach, Lippold, Lindemann, Loomis, Martin, McDowell, Mertz, Neuhart, Novesky, O'Neal, Pickford, Radtke, Rurik, Scherr, Scherer, Schweda, Shroy, Stulke, Turner, Waidchow, Wendt 

The Scherr branch has proven to be difficult to trace. It appears that the folks in this family tended not speak to one another or keep track of family members.   

It has long been a persistent and strong rumor in the Scherr family that we are related to Vice Admiral Reinhard von Scheer of the German Navy (WWI).  All his life my grandfather referred to the Admiral as "our uncle" and expressed great pride in the fact that von Scheer was related to him.  One of my research projects is to determine whether this connection is in fact a real one, as we believe it is.  

Descendants of Peter Scherer
With the lines of
Claudius and Christian Scherer,

two of Peter's sons. 
Main Surnames:
Backes, Blees, Burke, Cramer, Dorshied, Frey, Hammer, Huebschen, Kimble, Lauer, Limacher, Maus, Meyer, Musel, Novesky, Radtke, Reuter, Scherer, Scherr, Stofflet, Sturm, Thiennes [Tines, Thunnes], Timm, Volkman

r additional information on Barth, Freund, Huebschen, Klauck, Maus, Reuter, Robel visit LaVerne's pages

The Scherer family has been much easier to trace.  This project had a good start through the efforts of Betty Petzko, a cousin of my father Robert Arthur Scherr.  Betty would be thrilled to know that her speculation that Christian Scherer and Claudius Scherer were possibly cousins was not only founded, but in actuality they were brothers!

A Brief Historical Timeline of the Scherer-Radtke Family

Scherr Family Photos

Scherer Family Photos

 W.W.I Diary of Arthur W. Scherr,
 1917 - 1919
Milwaukee, WI/Camp Douglas, WI/Camp MacArthur, Waco, TX/Hoboken, NJ/
Halifax, NS/France/Germany
and back to the U.S.

Somewhere in France
poem by Arthur W. Scherr
Written in July 1918

Our Grandfather Arthur W. Scherr
 was a 32o Freemason of the 
Scottish Rite
McKinley Lodge #307
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

His Lodge Information
Degree Structure of the Scottish Rite
History of the Ritual

Gift from Joan
Travels of Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC, with photos

The USS Wisconsin
Finds a New Home
Remarks to McLean, VA,
Optimists Club
by Robert A. Scherr, July 1963

Vice Admiral Reinhard von Scheer
Information about his family
and career with the German Navy.


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Pages Dedicated to POW-MIAs
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My POW-MIAs adopted through
Operation Just Cause:
Major James T. Egan, Jr., USMC
Missing 21 January 1966 in South Vietnam Lt. Col. Charles James Ramsay, USMC Missing 21 January 1968 in North Vietnam.  Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher, who was the first MIA of Desert Storm,
and others adopted by my brother.
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Links of Interest

Here you will find links to genealogy sites, the Virtual Military Command; some really great Marine Corps sites, WWI sites; a German U-Boat site that is part of the U-Boat webring; and links to sites about the Great Ocean Liners, including the RMS Baltic that carried some of the troops of the AEF to France in 1918.

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Remember our Veterans and be Grateful

These missing man photos were taken by Len Mozey webmaster of the Blue Angels Alumni Association website on the 50th anniversary of the Blue Angels 


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