Record 5
Name: Bud
Website: DaKoTa's Mountain
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: NE Pennsylvania
Time: 2000-11-10 18:17:44
Comments: Hello... You have a very good web site, I found only one drawback, you failed to identify the music you have playing on each page and failed to provide a means to stop the playing of the music should visitors wish to do so in order not to be interupted or disturbed while viewing it's content.

Otherwise, you've obviously put together some dynamic pages.....Bud

Record 4
Name: David Decker
Website: David Decker's Tribute To The United States Marine Corps
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Georgia, USA
Time: 2000-11-09 13:17:38
Comments: Outstanding family oriented site...You are doing beautiful work, Steve...May God Bless...Semper Fi!

Record 3
Name: Patty Mielke
Website: USMC...MIA's ...Edward Willing...James Egan Jr.
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Massachusetts
Time: 2000-10-31 22:50:18
Comments: Jacquie, Thank you for the superbly done POW-MIA 'tributes'. My eyes welled up in tears as I read on. Jim is smiling down on US ..... he knows we care and he knows what we are trying to do. God bless~~~with affection, Patty ~~~ We are never so lost that our ANGELS cannot find us ~~~

Record 2
Steve Scherr
Tribute to Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC
Referred by:
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Milwaukee, Wis/Lake Ridge, Va
2000-10-31 02:13:38
Jac, Site looks great!!

Record 1
Name: Steve Bozeman
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Lynchburg, Virginia
Time: 2000-10-29 19:06:42
Comments: I think it's wonderful that you included the POW/MIA link to your family web page . . . you are very patriotic and I for one "thank you." I'm honored that you inclued my photo running the 2000 Marine Corps Marathon carrying the Colors. Like you, I carry the Colors to honor all those heros on the WALL, including the two POW/MIA's you have chosen. Thanks for remembering them. Semper Fidelis

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